Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Piictures from Colt State Park Fly, September 20, 2015

The ConnectiKITERS Club Fly at Colt State Park was well attended. Doug Coates sent some great pictures to share.

Doug's Banners and Spikey Balls that he made in this year's sewing workshops.
Doug's Cat made an appearance. Hey, where is the PeLy Pilot? :)
Daren Weider swam over from Oakland Beach to fly his Revolution kites. Darren needs 4 strings to fly a kite. If we keep working with him, we may get him down to two-strings, and then one. :)))
Darren kept teasing the Cat with his Rev kite. That looks like a Premier Barbara Meyers Parasled that Doug is using for a Pilot on the Cat. Hey Dougie, is that a 36 or an 81 Sled?
Thanks for the pictures, Doug!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pictures from April 12 Rainy Day Fly

Here are some pictures from the Rainy Day Fly at Hanmonasset Beach State Park in Madison, CT.
The wind was off the water. Strong wind in the morning gradually got lighter during the day.

Gee, I wonder if Max was there... :)

Jim and Peggy Burnett were there. Above, Jim and Dave Olsen hold down Maggie's car...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Next Event! April 12, Hammaonasset Beach State Park, monthly Club Fly

Our next event is the Rainy Day Fly at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, CT. The park is at Exit 62 on I-95. We are at West Beach. Follow the entrance road to the rotary, and take the first turn off the rotary towards West Beach.

The weather is expected to be beautiful with the wind at about 10 mph quartering off the water.

Come play with us.

Spikey Ball Workshop pics

Some pictures from the Spikey Ball sewing workshop on March 8, 2015.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Next Event: March 8, Spikey Ball Workshop, Masonicare, Wallingford, CT

Our next event is the Spikey Ball Workshop sewing workshop on March 8, at Masonicare, in Wallingford, CT. We will start sewing at 9 AM but some of us will be there earlier so everyone can get in and get set up.

Tom Halapin has to make this one:
Bring List:

Sewing Machine
Needles (needle threader)
Thread (V-30 or HB-33 is preferred)
(Güterman, Mettlers Metrosene, or Mölnlycke braided polyester thread is acceptable.)
Thread Stand
Seam Ripper
Plastic store bag for nipped threads and trash   
Electrical Extension Cord, Power Strip
3 Prong Electrical Adapters
Pencil, Pencil Sharpener
Blue Tape
Quilting Ruler

You will need all the usual suspects, starting with a Sewing Machine that works and you know how to work it. That means you are able to change the needle, thread the machine, wind a bobbin, change the bobbin, and adjust both bobbin and top tensions. We always suggest you bring the Manual for your machine.

Thread: Good, quality (preferably commercial grade V-30 polyester or HB-33 nylon) synthetic (not cotton) thread. A Thread Stand for the thread is a good thing to have.

EMPTY bobbins for YOUR sewing machine. This way, if your thread is an issue, we can wind good thread on to the empty bobbins and you can sew in the workshop.

Extra new needles for your sewing machine. #90, or 14, Regular Point.

Extension cord. Longer is better. There are many outlets around the walls of the room, but the tables are in the middle of the room. Bring a long extension cord, a power strip, and a 3-prong adapter (hey - you never know). The room is well lit, but some people find that an extra table light helps them see.

Specific to this project:
You will want to have a Quilting Ruler (clear, see-thru and gridded) to mark for the Seams.
You will want a piece of blackboard or sidewalk chalk to make the alignment creases easier to see.
Light colored fabric pencil to mark Seam Allowances on dark fabric if you have problems seeing pencil lines.