Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hammonasset Kite Festival THANKS!

Thanks to Skydog Kites for supporting the event and for printing Event
T-shirts! Thanks to Frank (and Frank!) Morrill and Jim Christiansen for
coming down to the Festival and adding color to the fields and the sky.

Thanks to Kurtis Jones for doing sound for the event. He was great on
the mike and terrific at organizing Demos and Running of the Bols and
the Rokkaku Battles. Thanks, Kurtis!

Thanks to Ron Kitt and the whole family for bringing Kitt Kites to sell
kites at the Festival. Kitt Kites also provided prizes for the various
contests throughout the weekend.

Thanks to Scott & Darren Weider for their continuing support and flying
great Quad demos. Thanks to Jackie Maciel for all of her great demos.
Thanks Dick Maciel for helping out every time he saw a need.

Thanks to Ray Gruzas for coming out on Friday and helping to put up
fields and signs. It is a long way around that Giant Kite field, ain't it?

Thanks to Kevin Reynolds for doing his famous Bubble Wand Workshop for
all comers. Kevin did his workshop twice to accommodate everyone's
schedules. Between Kevin, Brian Slater, and Andy Anderson we had bubbles
all weekend, which was perfect in the light winds!

Thanks to Dan Delpapa and the North American Power Kiting Association
for playing with us and doing buggy demos. Thanks to Mike Dioguardo and
Paul Lawrence for driving down to do traction demos. Hey, you guys
weren't speeding, were ya? <GRIN>

Thanks to Jerry Condon for helping to set up on Friday and being up at
the crack of dawn on Saturday & Sunday to put up all the signs and
banners. Jerry was also the Person in the Club Tents all day on Saturday.

Thanks to Bob & Martha Enright for their support of the Festival and
coming out on Saturday to check and make sure everything was going okay.

Thanks to Lee Palmer for the Hot Dogs and the Bol Races! Thanks to Mary
and Erica for playing with us!

Thanks to Jim & Auralie LaChance for keeping us fed and watered and
never without coffee for the weekend. Jim & Auralie also provided the
Community Firepit for the Kite Cloister in the Campground. Auralie is a
champion of pulling down wet banners & signs and hauling them to camp.

Thanks to Dave, Sandy, Cameron, and Maya for all of their contributions
all weekend. Did anyone else notice that the wind picked up every time
Cameron went fishing? Much thanks to Sandy for her dedication to
recycling EVERYTHING!

Finally, and MOST importantly, thanks to everyone who came out to play
with us and make the Festival a success. Without you, there is no
Festival. Thanks for your support. See you next year!

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