Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Next event: Newport Kite Festival

Our next event is Newport Kite Festival, July 13 & 14, at Brenton Point State Park in Newport, RI. This is one of the best kite festivals on the east coast. The official ConnectiKITERS Monthly Fly is Newport on Sunday, July 14. Most of us will be there both days. Come play with us!


  1. Hello all,

    Hope everyone is doing will so far this year. I've been crazy busy with family matters and club scouts. Anyways, we'd be coming up on Saturday for the event fly. Have anyone see or gotten a parking pass for this years? If so, please forward me a copy so I can download and print. Thanks.

    Chris Speeg ( aka.. Rob's Evil Twin)

    1. I sent a JPG and a PDF to Chris' Facebook Page. There are two new files in the Files section of the CTKiters Yahoo Group that are a JPG and a PDF of the Newport Kite Festival Staff Parking Pass.