Thursday, July 3, 2014

Next Event! July 13, Newport Kite Festival, Brenton Point, Newport, RI.

The Newport Kite Festival is the most beautiful and best attended Kite Festival in New England. The Festival runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday. The Official ConnectiKITERS Fly Day is Sunday, July 13, but most of us will be there for the whole weekend.

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  1. Hello, it Chris Speeg (aka Rob's evil twin),

    I'm going to be going up to the kite fest. this year on Saturday, is anyone else going to be there on Saturday? I still owe this years dues to. Any ways I'm trying to found this years Field Pass for the day. Has anyone got one for this year? Can I get a PDF or JPG emailed to me? Thanks for your time.

    Chris Speeg