Brandes Flare Workshop

On February 9, 2014, the ConnectiKITERS got together to sew Brandes Flare kites.This was at Masonicare in Wallingford, CT.

Left to right above, (seated) Dave Cannell, Maggie Engvall, Doug Coates, Jerry Condon, and Willa Eckersley.

Auralie LaChance, Max, Franklin Zito, Ray Gruzas.

Dave Cannell (closest to camera) knows that the key to success in a workshop is to work on whatever part of the project everyone else is NOT doing. While everyone was working on their sails, Dave got all his ducks in a row by sewing his tab stock, making his tabs, and being ready to rock when it was time to put panels together. Left to right above, Franklin Zito, Ray Gruzas, Dave Cannell, Jerry Condon, and Maggie Engvall.

Max has the best toys!
The first time Ray Gruzas sewed in a workshop. He usually just takes pictures!

Franklin has terrific hardware.
It only LOOKS like a sweat shop. That is Jim LaChance working hard on the right. It is a ConnectiKITER event, so there is PLENTY of food in the back of the room.
Franklin (back to us), Max, Ray, Jerry's head is above Auralie (back to us), Dave, Maggie, Jim LaChance, and Willa.
Visitors are always welcome! Club Members Karl Berg (left) and Sandy & Dave Olsen stopped by. Sandy and Dave just returned from a trip to Iceland and were pretty jet-lagged, but visited with everyone at the workshop.
Jerry Condon brought the best mac & cheese I ever had and helped out everywhere at the workshop. Above he is copying templates of the project for folks that wanted them. Jerry had already made his kite at home so he was a great help to folks who had questions.
Sew, people sew!
Auralie LaChance was the first one finished. Above, Ray Gruzas helps her display her kite.
Dave Cannell shows off his finished kite. There were other colors there, honest!
Tom Halapin (left) was another huge help at the workshop. He was there just to help hold, help sort parts, help figure out which end was up.
Here Tom helps Doug Coates (left) display his kite. Jan, Doug behaved himself all day. You can let him play with us again. We only taught him a few bad habits...

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