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When it is time to pack to attend a kite sewing workshop, there is always that moment of; "Did I remember everything?" It always helps to work from a checklist. I can never remember where I put my checklist...

Jim LaChance wrote up a great spreadsheet of what he brings. It is a very comprehensive list!

Alcohol Swabs

4 Clamps Aluminum
2 Clamps Blue Irwin

Cutting Square Aluminum
2 Electrical Adapters 2-3 Prong
2 Electrical Adapters Multi Outlets

Electrical Extension Cord Hot Tools

Electrical Extension Cord Power

Electrical Strip

Eyelet Tool

Fabric Creaser Angle
2 Fabric Creaser Hand

File Set Miniature

Hand Saw

Hand Saw Spare Blades

Hardware Gauge, Diameters etc.

Hot Cutter

Hot Knife

Hot Stand

Hot Tools Extension Cord
2 Lamp Stands
2 Lamps

Magnifier Glasses
2 Presser Foot Guides Magnetic

Punch Set Block Of Wood

Punch Set Hollow

Rod Cutting Holder

4 Screwdriver Angle

Screwdriver Stubby

Seamstick 1/2"

Seamstick 1/4"

Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Book

Super Glue

Tape Measure


Thread Stand

Allen Wrench  Silver????

Cigarette Lighter

Fabric Creaser Pencil

Needles Spare

Pencil Mechanical

Pencil Sharpener

Pencil Sharpener Spare Blades



Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutter Spare Blades

Ruler 12" 
2 Scissors Large
2 Scissors Small

Seam Ripper

Sewing Needle Positions Gauge

Sharpie Marker

Soapstone Pencil

Soapstone Pencil Spare Stone

Tweezers Angled

Xacto Knife

Xacto Knife Spare Blades

Bridle Line


Cutting Mat




Kite Pattern Material

Paper For Notes

Roofing Square

Ruler 48"
4 Sandbags

Seamstress Ruler


Tape Duct

Tape Masking

Tape Painters

Wheeled Cart

Some folks might have different terms for things but you can't go far wrong reading this list and picking from it. My machinist/toolmaker friends would say that a Ruler is a King of a country, that long stick with marks on it is either a Straightedge or a Scale. One person I worked for always called a Tape Measure a "Flexible Scale".

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