Information about Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT. The Park is located on State Route 213.

From the south, take I-95 north to Exit 75, US Rte 1 North, Boston Post Road. Harkness Memorial State Park is 7.9 miles from the end of the ramp. Stay on Rte 1, Boston Post Road, for 2.2 miles to the intersection of Cross Road. Stay in the Right lane to go straight through the traffic light. See below.
Stay on Boston Post road for another 1.7 miles, past the cemetery and Post Office on the right to the light at the intersection of Avery Road. Turn RIGHT on to Avery Lane. Below is a picture of the intersection. Turn towards the white van.
After turning RIGHT on to Avery Lane, stay on Avery for one third of a mile, to the intersection of State Route 156, Rope Ferry Road. Go straight through the intersection.
Intersection of Avery Lane and Rope Ferry Road. Go straight across.
Once across Rope Ferry Road, you are on State Route 213, Great Neck Road. Follow Great Neck Road for 2.9 miles. The entrance to Harkness Memorial State Park will be on the right.
Almost there... That is the Park across the water.
See that nice, grassy, hill? We don't use it! That space is for overflow parking.
Park Entrance. Turn right to enter the park.
The Ticket Booth is just about where the road disappears.
You have found the Park! But, where are the ConnectiKITERS? We normally congregate under the trees right near the Rest Room, just past the Parking Lot at the top of the hill. Click here to see the official State Map of the park. Below, I changed it a bit to show where we fly.

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